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But we are leading the league in takeaways

That’s pretty fucking consistent
As consistent as our wins have been. It's feast or famine, the opposite of consistency. Can't rely on it continuing in fact, smart teams will be able to use our over aggressiveness against us.


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Matt Stafford for the Rams with an early pick 6!

I believe he had 3 and maybe even 4 INT’s last game. I’m feeling a little better about facing them in the playoffs after his drop off in the last couple games

He just threw a second INT
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Chiefs/Bengals today is a Madden game come to life. Last team with the ball is a distinct possibility with this one...


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What at first blush seems like good news, actually means some RB nobody's got book on, runs wild on us and becomes an instant star.
Edmonds will still be active, so even if an Enos Benjamin or some other back on their roster gets carries, it won't be more than 5-6. More likely more short passes, or a couple designed runs for Murray thrown in.


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I run to the store to buy some beer before my Cowboys game and the Rams fucking come back!

Wtf? Do your job Ravens, ya bastids!


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My goodness Parsons is fast. Wow...he closed in on Murray like a bullet it near the goal-line on 3rd down causing Murray to rush the pass.
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