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For a time, yes, that goal was met. It's not being met now.

It kills me when people make it sound like their politician of choice has completely altruistic motives. Everyone on both sides of the fence, Republican and Democrat alike, have always been agenda driven in regards to the virus, just like in all things. Most at least attempt to be subtle about it. Others, like Trump and Noem, do not.

Flattening the curve only meant that we would keep the number of cases requiring hospitalization and acute care lower than our capacity. We are doing that still. Of course that can change but so far, and with the addition of therapeutics not available back in March, people are not dying because of a lack of care.

I didn't ascribe any motive for Trump's decision to balance the economy with the virus response. I was merely deducing his goals based on what he said over the months about lockdowns hurting the economy. Success is determined by the goal. And given his goals, I believe he was successful. I also believe he understood that indefinite lockdowns would permanently damage the economy and kills millions of jobs.

One other thing to consider, and it shocks me that so many people seem to ignore this, but not everyone is on the same page. There is a large portion of the population that believes government does not have the right to take away our liberty, even for a virus. Some of those people are sitting on the SCOTUS. What many people do is just assume the other side is wrong, stupid, uneducated, or has some evil motive. But both sides could just have different priorities. I am sympathetic to both sides. I think government is overreaching while at the same time I believe some people are overreacting to things like wearing masks and social distancing. I do not believe the government has a right to arrest people for not wearing a mask, or having 12 people at a holiday dinner, but at the same time I think people can wear masks, and avoid crowds because it is the responsible thing to do.

The last point I will make is that what destroys any attempt to get people to act responsibly is a lack of consistency. When the George Floyd riots started and the same people demanding we wear masks and lock down, excused the protests and riots, everyone saw the inconsistency and concluded that the side demanding churches close was not sincere. Look at the graphs of COVID cases and you can see that the huge outbreaks in Florida, Texas, CA and many other states began just a week or so after the riots began. If it hard to argue that the protests and riots did not, at least in part, play a role in the spread of COVID.
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