Defense Wins Championships
Press Conference given in Hong Kong by University of Hong Kong (HKU) Professors about their forecast models for the timing of the peak of the epidemic in the population centers of China.

They give information in English, then Cantonese.



Defense Wins Championships
China’s Coronavirus is Much Worse Than You Think

A report from the inside...

The coronavirus in China is spreading, and largely could have been prevented. A town 7 km from where the virus was discovered in Wuhan had a state run banquet with 100,000 people eating off of the same dishes. This was 2 days after 49 cases were confirmed in Wuhan, China. The Chinese government is trying to save face, and now it is backfiring.



Defense Wins Championships
A 21-year-old Canadian woman in Wuhan says she won't evacuate because she can't abandon her cat.




High Plains Drifter
The flu has killed 100 more people this year, than this weak shit. Where's the flu hysteria? Oh yeah... We have a VACCINE for that which is about 45 percent effective, so it's okay. No hysteria or panic needed.
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