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Travis Hunter from CU is expected to miss multiple weeks because of that late/dirty hit in last nights game.

That’s a big loss considering the teams they have coming up on the schedule. They really need him for those games.

Colorado State had 10 personal fouls last night! Almost felt like a bounty gate type game where the kids were coached to go after CU players. Or at least incentivized to do so.


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Oregon is schooling Deion. It's 42-0 mid third quarter.
That was a mega beatdown. At one point in the 2nd half total yardage was Oregon 478 Colorado 34.

Oregon is good though. Their HC is legit, was former DC at Georgia and his defense this year's looks like how Georgia has played defense last 3-4 years. He gave Colorado media shit before and after the game too.

SEC appears to be down all through the conference this year. UGA right now is not as good as the last 3-4 seasons and they already have a ton of injuries. Nobody else in SEC is a threat to win a championship. Pac 12 appears pretty stacked with Oregon, USC and even Utah. Texas looks good. Michigan is probably the best team in Big 10 (despite Ohio States win last night). I think Penn State might be better than Ohio St too, but I don't think either are as good as Michigan. Florida State has proven to be very overrated last two games.


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that was a bummer, I liked the "underdog" story

not many interesting story lines in sports these days so this is refreshing
They're gonna win 6 or 7 games this year which is a lot better than average for the school. And yeah, no way was this game gonna be on national TV without Deion's program.

Next year they'll be better.
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