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Good ol' fanshioned ass whipping, I don't know if anything else needs to be said. Cowboys 40 Texans 6.


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I have a hunnert on Houston but I actually can't make any case at all for them winning. Only valid question is if we cover the spread.


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Lovie's said ever since he got there that he likes Davis Mills, then he puts him back in the starting lineup this week.... :ROFLMAO:


I guess people look at the Texans record and this point spread and assume we'll wax the floor with them and win by 40, but other than one or two games they have been "in the game" pretty much every week. The only really bad games they had was vs Miami and maybe Washington. Otherwise they've been fairly competitive. Even the Philly game was 21-17 going into the 4th qtr and their most lopsided loss (18pts) was to the Raiders when they scored a bunch of point in the 4th qtr.

We should win comfortably but people expecting a 45-0 blowout may end up being disappointed.


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Someone got to him, probably his agent who feared he'd lose endorsement opportunities for daring to criticize a Democrat.

No doubt. It wouldn't surprise me if it was someone from the team as well. I like that the kid spoke his mind but then he bombed.......


I was going to be Micah's biggest fan but then he backpedaled because folks in his community aren't allowed to have an independent thought. And he had to throw Trump's name in their to boot. Lame......
Cancel culture came at him immediately

I also suspect that Comrade Goodell called Jerruh to ensure his comments were retracted.
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