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    Keep In Mind...

    Our de facto GM Will McClay doesn't like to draft small school prospects. So I doubt we will take Wentz at 4th overall.
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    Mosley: Cowboys are bluffing about no QB at 4

    Fellas my ideal draft would go something like this.... Trade down to the 7th spot and grab Elliott 2nd round grab William Jackson III Then I would gladly take Cardale Jones in the 3rd round.
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    Cowboys message board gets so negative admins threaten to boot worst naysayers

    I hate that board... It's the worst, a bunch of know nothings who claim to be so knowledgeable SMFH.
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    Ezekiel Elliot

    Thank you! I am not completely sold on Wentz, especially at 4th overall. I like taking a guy like Cardale Jones in the 3rd round.
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    Ezekiel Elliot

    I would love to have Elliott if we can somehow trade down right before the Giants pick at 8, oh say 7 with SF?
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