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Dak was perfect in the 3rd quarter coming into the game

I didn’t hear if he ended up keeping that stat alive for this game

But either way, Dak has been killin it in the 3 quarters of the games this season. Much better than us coming out flat footed in the 3rd quarter like we always did in seasons past


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Saints are scary.. They lose Drew Brees, still kick the shit out of you. How many teams can do that, lose a future HoF QB but still stomp ass?

27-7 at the moment.


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I thought this was the Dallas VS Miami thread
We've always had other teams/games posted on in the gameday thread. We've never had different threads for different games.

It's the gameday thread.

Traditionally, bbgun would start the gameday thread on Thursday each week, and we would all comment on the Thrusday game and on the early Sunday games too if Dallas had a late game that week.


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Good thing the Rams have Cooper Kupp and their defense, 'cause Goff and Gurley aren't scaring anybody playing like they did tonight (except for McVay)...


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Nope. Bad opponents so far. NO next week might be a good test even with no Brees

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Let's face it. The fact that we think we're going to be tested by a team with a journeyman back-up QB is very telling of our HC and DC.


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Tested? How bout just plain beaten on Sunday night prime time IN Nawlins.
You could be right. But as critical as I've been of Dak I think he's playing very well.....way above my expectations, to be honest. I always believe it comes down to the QB and a decent D. I'm hoping Dak plus Kellen Moore (did I just say that?) equal out the red dolt.

I think Sunday will be interesting. We beat teams that are something like 1 and 7. But we beat them the way a good team should beat them so I don't minimize those wins as much as others.

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