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That's where I saw the stat!! Thanks buddy.

I think it's just as telling that we went out and pasted the teams that we should beat. That's not always the case.
:thumbsup_2x: (probably 1-8 after tonight)

I have to say I'm impressed, believe this is a good team and Daks performance is very encouraging (still likes the highball but perhaps I'm nitpicking)

i think its gonna get MUCH tougher from here but I don't think they'll be an easy out for anyone except the Pats

I also think Moore is gonna hit a hard wall as the season progresses and he faces better O's with more experienced D coordinators but so far so good

I'd even go so far to say that If KC & the Pats don't end up in the Super Bowl, I believe the Cowboys have a shot at winning it all

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