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Well Philly is doing their damndest to give us the division

I wish that PHI would have just run away with the division title so we can be sure that Garrett is gone as soon as we missed the playoffs

Any other outcome leads to the possibility of Garrett returning as the head coach

I know, I know....
He’s never gonna get resigned
He’s gone after this season
He’s gone if this or that happens.....

We’ve heard all that shit before
You’ve said all that shit before (every single season)
We’ve heard insiders with knowledge of the inner working of the team say that he was gone after the season

And it was ALL bullshit!

He’s a fucking cockroach that never dies!

The only way to be sure once and for all that he’s gone is if we totally miss the playoffs

Face it, even if we somehow stumbled into the playoffs ass backwards we would stand zero chance against superior coaching

There is NO WAY we make, let alone win a Super Bowl with this coaching staff. So why even hope that we make the playoffs? It’s a useless proposition.


Pro Bowler

Eagles fans burn their Carson Wentz jerseys after they lose to Miami

What did Cowboys fans do after we lost to the Jets? We talked about how we gun turn dis season round and make da Supa Bow!

Not only that but we had our GM championing the cause instead of holding the team/coaching staff accountable for the loss
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Anyone else watching Houston taking NE apart tonight? It's 28-9 Houston right now, 4:14 left in the game. Houston has never trailed in this game.

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