The 2019 Cowboys Off-Season Thread


ok spending money on people that dallas doesnt even use on gameday

bold strategy, lets see how it plays out

Yeah this was a fucking terrible move. He was mediocre at best last yr, is a lousy blocker and he even dropped the easiest TD pass a guy could ever have (Colts game). Now they are giving him a multi yr deal with guaranteed money? Just stupid.


Oh, we're screwed this offseason. Tank is eating up a ton of cap space and he isn't showing up until week 11 if at all. Then as usual Dallas will do next to nothing during FA and use that available money to give their average QB a huge extension.

To make matters worse, Dallas is competing against themselves for Dak. How many teams need a starting QB? The list is very small. Even less by next season after the 2019 draft. They should let him play out this season and then transition tag him next season. There will only be a couple teams in the market, we'll really see what he's worth. I have an odd feeling it will be nowhere near 30M.
Lousy post, props


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It wouldn’t surprise me if he goes unsigned and we retain him for vet minimum

I’d rather he just go elsewhwere
He won't be back. There are plenty of teams with a history of bad receiver signings. One of them will go there.


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This was the first time in years we had some decent salary cap room. Oh well.
Based on how Baltimore structured ET's contract we could have done it. Big signing bonus ($20M) spread out over 4yrs (though I would have done 3yrs) and a base of $2M this year for a total of $7M against the cap in 2019...hit goes up to $12M in year 2 then years 3 and 4 are $15M and $16M but by then you will know what you want to do with him and can restructure, cut etc...this would have given us the 2yr window we need to make a serious push for #6
With the salary cap increasing on a yearly basis, we could have done it and would have a significant upgrade at a position of need at a time when we are in position to make some noise
I would also have been ok not resigning Witten to add Earl as I feel Earl's contributions would have been much more impactful but not sure how much 82's cap hit played into it (probably none)
He was the only big name FA I wanted then would have been happy with the current Jones philosophy of resigning our own
I do also like the Covington addition and really want them to get DLaw done so he can get that shoulder taken care of

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