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NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reports the Saints and free agent Dez Bryant are "in negotiations" on a contract.

Per Pelissero, "all signs are pointing that way" regarding the two sides reaching an agreement, even though Bryant left New Orleans already. Brandon Marshall and Kamar Aiken also worked out for the Saints, but neither is expected to get the job. Bryant would simply be a member of the supporting cast for Drew Brees. If signed, he would be hard to trust as anything more than a WR3.

Source: Tom Pelissero on Twitter

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Unconfirmed reports Norleans has signed Dez. Would be funny if their season immediately went down the shitter.



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I already told you, AND answered this question, when I predicted he wouldn't be signed. Shortly after he was cut.

Receivers who intentionally drop passes because they are butthurt little bitches don't get signed. Ask Terrell Owens.

I told you, I told you, three or two times! LOL
The Saints say hello


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I figured someone would eventually sign him. I just expected it to be a team that was close to the playoffs much later in the year and needed to replace an injured #1

He said he wanted to go to a team that was in the hunt for the SB and they played the Cowboys

He got his wish

I hope he destroys us and wins a SB. Just to shit in Jeruh’s punch bowl


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I certainly would not wish this on him, but the FO finally did something right and like a broken clock being right twice a day, got rid of him before he could break down on their dime.

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