I read somewhere he even said he wanted to do that. I've always said he is far more dangerous if utilized that way. He'd scare people coming out of the slot. He could be deadly at TE. But he's gonna have to learn the trees and work his craft.

Never been against signing him back on the cheap, and his behavior issues may be well tempered in the new coaching regime. He does have good hands, that's what made his leading the league in drops look suspiciously like sabotage to me. The character issues... They might be better managed now. I think Dez is a guy who wants to have firm reigns on him otherwise he doesn't feel worthy.
I know a lot of players that have gone from say corner to safety when they slowed down to get more out of their time in the NFL. I don't think he's got the X factor left in him, but a tight end.. he always blocked well and I totally could see him more physical with folks, I'd love to see him in a try out for something akin to that. He might be the 3rd best wideout on this team at this point, but he'd by the #1 Tight End I'd think.

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