Some guys just can't handle time off...

Adam Schefter‏ @AdamSchefter 2 hours ago

Patriots’ WR Julian Edelman was arrested Saturday night in Beverly Hills and cited for misdemeanor vandalism after he allegedly jumped on the hood of another person’s Mercedes and caused damage, as TMZ reported.


James Palmer‏ @JamesPalmerTV 24 minutes ago

Chris Jones just got done his on the field workout. He was wearing a sleeve on his right calf with a knee brace on that knee as well. I’m told he WILL NOT be active. They wanted to see the workout and make the call. Apparently didn’t see what they wanted.


Practice Squad
I hope the Titans win the super bowl...lesser of all those evils

Fucking HATE all the rest of the teams involved. H A T E I say.
Living in the Bay Area I'm out on the Niners and despise Green Bay especially that douche named Aaron.
Got family up on Seattle and have to admit a mancrush on Wilson...guys a baller!!!! I'd be ok with them taking the whole enchilada.
Chiefs works for me too though not a fan of the Mahomes hairdo or voice!!!...would love to see Reid win one


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Stephen A. and his fellow overreactors calling Wentz "heroic" for taking himself out and admitting to the concussion is a ways south of the ridiculous line...
Saw called Wentz owning it heroic and was like...uh Ive got a good friend who's a firefighter and let's just say he does more "heroic" shit on 1 shift then Wentz will ever do in his lifetime


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The gadget's reign is over. DCs have the whole offseason now to fully account for him. We just saw one template.
You know I never fully bought the Lamar thing especially for all the hype he was getting.
I agree and lets see what D coordinators learn over the off season.
You gotta love people trolling the Ravens after this loss


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21 - 0 Texans before the first quarter is even over

And why is that?

Because special teams play matters

Unless you are Garrett


High Plains Drifter
Yeah I walk away for 5 minutes and suddenly it's 21-zip.


Tomahawk choppers all quiet, lookin' hard at the vomitoriums.


High Plains Drifter
Everyone be sure to tune in to FOX at 5pm central for the pregame show where they gonna announce Jimmy's PFHOF membership.

America's Team

Houston will end up this game conceding more than 50 points.

You can't win squat with a defense this porous. Reminds me of the times Romo had to battle his own team.

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