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It comes down to two simple questions:

1 (and this one applies to about anything): Do the benefits outweigh the detriments?

2. Do you or any of your players really want the distractio of 100 media members at practice everyday to talk to the backup quarterback?

If you don't answer no to both, your team likely sucks as a result of piss poor management.
There are no benefits

He was a bottom of the barrel shitty QB when he last played as evidenced by the stats I posted

And the only team that should consider this nightmare situation is the Chargers because the opposing teams fans regularly purchases more of the Chargers home game tickets than their own fans do. The Chargers are the only team who may benefit and sell some tickets by signing this sideshow




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Apparently OBJ wants out of Cleveland. Amari, OBJ, AND Gallop on the field at the same time?

Sheeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiit that would be one hell of nightmare for a DC

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