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What is it with our cast off receivers never working in the league again?

Dez Bryant - released, never played another game in the NFL

Terrance Williams - released, no longer in the league

Brice Butler - released, no longer in the league

Lucky Whitehead - released, no longer in the league

Lance Lenoir - released, no longer in the league

The rest of the league doesn’t even want our castaways

And to think, (some) of these are the guys our brain trust decided to start last season with thinking we would be fine at the WR position.


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The Rams traded with the Jags for Jalen Ramsey. The Jags get the Rams 2020 1st round pick, their 2021 1st round pick, and their 2021 4th round pick

WTF were they thinking paying 2 first rounders for that locker room cancer


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He is an upgrade talent wise from Marcus Peters, who they sent to Baltimore to make room for him. The rest of his crap, to be determined?


Rams better win back to back SBs in 20'-21' in order for this trade to be worth what they gave up for the little drama queen who got his poor feelings hurt by TC. Rams have not had a #1 pick since 16', they are mortgaging their future to win right now. If they fail to win it these next 2 yrs, their widow will close & as bad as Goff has been looking lately & Gurly all injury prone these past couple of yrs, that team could quickly become a cellar dweller in the next few yrs as SF/Sea look to be the dominant teams in that div imo. Haley situation was different as Dallas already had a great team & was just missing that elite pass rusher. Dunno WTF the SF GM was thinking in trading him to their #1 rival for the SB!


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I'd think this was a bigger deal if I thought that there was any chance he'd be a bigger option for Garoppolo than George Kittle...



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Cardinals signed RB Alfred Morris.

We learned the hard way that David Johnson's injury issues were more serious than the Cardinals were letting on, while reserve D.J. Foster is also banged up. Morris spent training camp with the Cowboys but couldn't crack the squad. He worked out for the Cardinals in September. Morris' signing could be as much about Foster as Johnson, but it is obviously a worrying sign for Johnson's Week 8 availability vs. the Saints.

Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter

Oct 22, 2019, 4:36 PM ET


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We just traded with the Patriots for Michael Bennett for a 7th round conditional pick that could become a 6th round pick

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it should be worth monitoring throughout the season

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