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I was feeling pretty good about tonight’s game.

But with how well NYG played today I am feeling like we might have a shitty game and end up in 3rd place in the division.


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What does this fatass slob of a HC give us on game day?

Why were we in such a big fuckin hurry to snap the ball on that 4th down play not even giving our booth guy time to figure out if we needed to challenge the spot? We woulda won that challenge.


Cowboy's are playing just like a team who just won 4 straight. Reminds me of last year which ended in complete failure. I so miss the days feeling good about the Cowboy's, now I just marvel and laugh


High Plains Drifter
Rush appears to have a decent arm

Put Turpin in on a go route and letrfly!
That's right, just put Turpin in every once in awhile and send him in "go" routes or fly routes and chunk it to him if only just to show you WILL do it.
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