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I knew what he meant.

Dooms is a lot of things but he isn't a racist. I actually think he silently envies BB's lifestyle and his "preferences" for a certain style of woman so he definitely isn't a racist.

I was hoping he wasn't inferring some racial bias when he (Dooms) referenced "agenda." I wasn't defending Dooms from an attack on him, I just didn't believe he was making a backhanded racial accusation against another poster. But I do agree with your post.


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What's the agenda you were referring to?
Damn s0n, I splained it to the clod.
You're saying this stuff. Writing stuff in that's not even implied in any way.

I'm saying, we only ever hear from you when it's negative about Dak. Never hear one word from you when he kicks ass and does great. You just go silent.

So the agenda is, not being objective at all. Or fair. No matter the reason.


he's a bum like Cooper, who always found a reason not to practice

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