Unhinged whiny Zoner-tards melting down because Jones announced today what the entire football world knew since the day Tyron Smith was injured. That when he is ready to return, he'll go back to his LT spot and rookie Tyler Smith (who spent all offseason, training camp and preseason at LG) will go back to LG.

Somehow they act like this was earth shattering news or that Jones let some "secrets" out that will hurt the team in some way.

Guarantee you most Zoners are libtards. Only explanation for people that can be this stupid.


If the playoffs started today:

HFA and 1st rd bye: Kansas City and Philthy

Wild Card games:

Cinci at Miami
New England at Tennessee
Buffalo at Baltimore

Seattle at Minnesota
NYG at San Fran
Dallas at Tampa



He only mentions this one play, but Danielle Hunter is one of the best DE's in the NFL, and Smith disappeared him.

Hunter when healthy is a double digit sack machine (career high 14.5 twice) and last yr had 6 in 7 games. This year he had 6 in first 9 games.

Hunter got credit for 4 total tackles and 1 pressure (which by the way was the only one the Vikes had all game)
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