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First half of the first game thoughts:
Bills looked great the first quarter, Rams looked a little lost. Second quarter the teams reversed.
Cam Akers has barely been in, and looked either tenative or lacking in burst.
Gabriel Davis is going to be huge this season.
Shaping up in the second half to end up being a "last team with the ball wins" kind of game...


Defense Wins Championships
Highland Park (Dallas Suburb) to retire Matthew Stafford’s jersey during this Friday's game vs. Lake Highlands

Stafford, the NFL veteran who won a Super Bowl with the Los Angeles Rams this year, began his career at Highland Park.

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Am I the only one who thinks the Cowboys can win this game? And win handily? 34 - 17 Cowboys.
Nope, I think we are going to win as well.

I don't know if 34-17 is the number, but I do think we're going to win.

If we score 34 pts on Tampa's defense with a LT that's never started an NFL game (and practiced at LG all TC and preseason) and no Gallup, I think we could do some pretty awesome things this year.


The Rams proved to me they were a fluke last year, they could have easily lost any of their postseason games and they were awful in every way the other night.

They might win that division again (because it sux) but they will be a 1 and done team if they do get in and I doubt they win more than 9 or 10 games at best.
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