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We better hang a 40 burger on them since we are playing ALL their 2nd/3rd stringers at all key positions


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Jimmy just said on the national broadcast that this is the best Cowboys team he has seen since his teams in the 90’s

Pretty damn high praise coming from Jimmy Johnson


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Raise your hands if you had Buffalo up by 18 halfway through the third quarter.............that's what I thought.


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May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'BREAKING: Paul Brown Stadium adjusts goal posts for the remainder of overtime so that somebody can win the game NNTRTR 9 BENGALS CUNCINNATI'
That game never felt right … it never felt over …

Dak was picked early …

Our center is awful - Biadaz probably the weakest link on the squad . His snaps had Dak outta rhythm all day.

Dak fumbled on the goal line - he should have been picked twice afterwards as well.

We got two PI breaks ontop of Jones Barkley Golliday going out.

If Jones doesn’t go down - that’s a game with 4 mins to play no question.

Dak was sacked a few times as well and we never had a sack on the day.

Take the W but we need to really tighten up.

It’s time to make McGovern the center.

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