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parsons has been going back and forth on twitter with emmanual acho

Yeah. It's amazing. Same with these pseudo GM's who think they know what they're talking about watching the All-22. No one knows what coverage is called and where a player should be. Having said that, we've all seen Jaylon lose a step, miss a tackle and/or make a tackle 10 yards downfield.

The only thing I'll agree with is that we won't know what impact his leadership, or lack there of, will have on the team moving forward. That's something I'll be looking for this Sunday.


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Stafford and the Rams continue to impress on offense. Defense, not as much. They'll have to get better if they expect to hang with some of the top offenses in the league.


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Stafford and the Rams continue to impress on offense
The Rams offense for the most part looked like shit tonight, as it did last week. Seattle can't stop anything, even inspired as they were tonight. Rams got problems.

Wilson - I saw that injury to his finger in super slomo and I betcha it's a spiral fracture. I had one. I know what it looks like. He's gonna need pins in it, gonna be out 3-4 weeks.


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seahawks traded multiple high draft picks to get jamal adams and then signed him to a 4 yr/$70 million contract



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Zeke is questionable with a knee issue

And of course Amari is questionable with both a vagina and a hamstring

This bitch is always injured
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Hopefully Diggs can keep his streak alive!
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