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Wish league would just go under to be honest

if it wouldn't rob a lot of people along the food chain of their jobs, I'd agree.

Seeing jeri lose his team would be even better, better than back to back super bowl wins for this fan


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To honor madden and his video games he created...

As the video game takes over the Pro Bowl this week -- the NFL's all-star game will be played virtually by NFL players and celebrities led by Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson and Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray -- John Madden sat down to do an email interview about the evolution of the game, today's NFL and how he consumes football in retirement.


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To honor madden and his video games he created...
Madden never created any video games and they're not his.

And we've been talking about this non-game for months. It's old news. Certainly doesn't rate a thread. And certainly not one in the main forum. It's a footnote at best. They're not playing a football game so we don't need a thread on it.
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