Defense Wins Championships


Anywhere on the line.
I'd like to think that if and when the season goes off, we'll be able to a little normalcy here in the last quarter of 2020.
Sadly, Goodell is a buffoon and some of the people he works for are also buffoons.
We have already seen the season will be politicized quite a bit and Covid will be a factor in everything for sometime yet to be determined.
I fear this NFL season will be a weapons grade shitshow.
I hope I'm wrong.


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So should we start a pool so we can bet on which week the first season game gets cancelled?

I’ll take week 1 for 1000 Alex

And have they stated any plans for when they do have to cancel a game? Meaning if they cancel a game in week 3, when is that cancelled game then going to be replayed?

This is one major shit show just waiting to happen


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I just heard on the local news that MLB is considering a complete shutdown of the rest of the season due to COVID

I didn’t catch the whole story but that seemed to be the gist of it as I was walking through the room and only caught a little bit of the teaser

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