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Clemson just announced that 28 players and coaches have tested positive for COVID-19

The more that this type of shit happens the less chance we have of seeing any type of season for the Cowboys this year

28 Players and coaches from Clemson have tested positive now

Michael Jordan’s daughter was in the hospital and had to be moved to ICU while fighting Covid-19

30+ out of 274 daily workers at the Saints stadium tested positive

I don’t think it’s going to be much longer before we hear that the entire season has been put on hold or outright cancelled


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dam Schefter


At least two Buccaneers’ players now have tested positive for COVID-19, per sources. Earlier this week one Buccaneers’ coach tested positive and two other assistants were quarantined. So add Tampa to the growing list of teams and schools with positive COVID-19 tests.


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2020 is not looking good guys
We'll see, I guess.. League sent out something today encouraging players to work out on their own (instead of in groups) until camp opens.
Camps will likely be closed to fans, or limited access at least. That's kind of big deal for some teams, like the Cowboys.
Still gotta work out a plan for stadium seating and such as well.
I do feel pretty confident the league will twist itself into a pretzel to have some sort of season, abbreviated or whatever.
Also, fuck 2020.


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Dallas Goedert was sucker punched at a restaurant last night

It was supposedly unprovoked

My bet is it was an Eagles fan that sucker punched him because his name was Dallas

We know how them Shegulls fans hate the cowboys

They already signed a petition and raised a bunch of money to get him to change his name from Dallas as soon as he was drafted



My 2 Cents...

They asked us to flatten the curve, the curve was never about everyone not getting it, it was about spreading that out, that happened. These spikes aren't spikes so much as folks are finally being tested for shit. No there won't be a season this year and the more that keep everyone quarantine the long that is gonna spread out. The curve was flatted, now it is gonna have to run its course. And for anyone that wants to blame states for relaxing their policies on the quarantine, the riots completely would have still happened and the spread at those riots is unchecked. It doesn't matter what policy a state has, those riots happened and it opened up everyone at them to catch it and then everyone they came into contact with, etc.

Might as well just hose everyone down with it and let it happen at this point. All we are doing by wearing masks etc is delaying the enviable and all that is going is pushing shit off at this point. The virus is gonna kill the same number of people it was gonna kill in January, only now instead of ripping off the bandaid and overwhelming hospitals, its gonna continue to be a long drawn out thing that may affect not only this season but the next 2. The last time the human race encountered something this contagious and it was much more deadly was over a century ago and even with all they failed to do back then it still took 3 years for it to run its course. Buckle up fellas, this is gonna be a long long process that we are either gonna have to just say fuck it and go play or keep hiding from something that inevitable.


I still think the NFL and owners will do anything possible to avoid losing the season because of the money involved. Even if it means games with no fans, they'll do it IMO.


Name change is likely next for the deadskins:

All this shit is fucking out of control.


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Haven't seen it yet, and to be fair, may have overlooked it, but saw where the NFL is about to set seating capacity for every team's stadium.
They are forging ahead still as of right now.

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Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the NFL continues to say the regular season will start on time. The preseason, however, will not.

The Hall of Fame Game, the league’s annual preseason kickoff in Canton, Ohio, has been canceled, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

The enshrinement ceremony for the Hall of Fame Class of 2020 has also been postponed, likely until next year, when the Steelers and Cowboys are expected to face of in the 2021 Hall of Fame Game.

The cancelation of the Hall of Fame Game is the biggest concession the NFL has made yet to the pandemic. Although the league canceled the live event portion of the NFL draft, it still had the draft on its scheduled date and has gone through the offseason as if everything is proceeding as planned.

Whether further changes are coming in training camp, the preseason and the regular season only time can tell, but it’s clear that the pandemic is a force the league simply cannot control.


That sux, was looking forward to it even if stadium was empty.

I still think they will do whatever they can to play actual games, although it absolutely wont surprise me if its a later start to season with something less than 16 games.


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That sux, was looking forward to it even if stadium was empty.

I still think they will do whatever they can to play actual games, although it absolutely wont surprise me if its a later start to season with something less than 16 games.
They just announced that training camps will start on time.

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Take this for what it's worth, but my boy texted me and told me the NFL said there WILL be a season, but they will have to follow CDC guidelines.

That means the first 8 rows (including the dumbasses that actually spent 250k+ on field-level suites) will be empty, and stadium only 50% full.

I low-key hope they tell me I cant go since my tickets are on the 4th level, which means they'll credit my invoice for next season, which will save me some money.

I hope y'all are doing well.


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Even if half the stadium is full you'd be looking at 40 to 50 thousand people at the game. I don't think so. And the minute a player tests positive after a game, it's game over for the NFL. Not saying that I agree with it because we can't protect the whole country from the virus, no more than we could protect them from H1N1 (and didn't even make an effort to do so).

We'll see soon enough.....

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The NFL is set to announce that the first and fourth week of the preseason schedule has been scrapped, which doesn’t come as a great surprise given recent indications that things were moving in that direction.

One of the reasons for the change is to give teams more time to work on their own after losing on-field time this offseason due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Another is to cut down on travel amid that pandemic, although the move didn’t cut travel for four teams.

Carolina, Minnesota, Kansas City and Washington are all now scheduled to play two road games. Miami, Buffalo, Dallas and Tampa are now scheduled to play two home games, but Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that the league will shuffle the schedule to make sure everyone has one of each.

The Chiefs are set to play the Cowboys on August 29, so flipping the site of that game could take care of that issue. There would be a little more work involved for the other six teams and the league could also swap in new games for those weeks in order to make for smoother sailing come August.

We don’t know at this point how many, if any, fans will be in attendance at these games, but making sure there will be a preseason dry run of the new protocols that will be in place this season in every NFL stadium seems like a wise approach for the league to take before the preseason is underway.


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Well shit

They just cut the 1st pre season game vs the Rams in the new stadium

I was planning on going to this game to see the inaugural ass whooping of the Rams by the Cowboys in their brand new stadium

They cut out 2 pre season games. The 1st and 4th game.

That is going to Piss Jerry off not having his Cowboys play in the very first game in the Rams new stadium. I know he lobbied for and wanted that matchup for the first game.


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They just cut the 1st pre season game vs the Rams in the new stadium

Rams is the first regular season game.

Egomaniac Jerry insisted on being the first team to play a game (Chargers, preseason) and a regular-season game (Rams, week one) in the new stadium since he helped Kroenke negotiate the land deal.

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