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If Fred is showing signs of being 100% or at least close to it, cant imagine we're spending our 1st pick on a C. Fred could also get moved to LG and Connor could go to C, which some of the draft gurus think might be his best position anyway.

Moving Fred to LG might help with wear and tear issues as well, and when Fred came out many believed he could easily play C or G.


No thanks on Murray. He told the Oakland A's the exact same thing when he took their money.

He's either trying to extort millions more out of them, or he has zero integrity or commitment to anything.

If he makes it to the NFL, he'll easily be the kind of turd I'll hope gets his ass handed to him every week.


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Yeah he has some issues which need to be looked at, but he's a dominant force on the interior. If he made it to our pick and some of the background stuff checked out ok, he'd be a tremendous value.
recently everyone can agree that dallas has done well with their 2nd round gambler picks, but i'd wish they'd wait til day 3 to do that this year when they don't have a 1st.

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