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The cowboys reporters seem to have a decent record

Charean 2-0
Broaddus 2-0
Machoda 2-0
Archer 0-1
Slater 1-0
Jeff sullivan 1-1
David moore 0-1

8-3 total

That would be right up there w cleveland reporter mary kay cabot

Cardinals reporter jurecki is 12-0... and he has a pinned tweet saying a “scout” told him that the cardinals are picking nick bosa. He said this in september.

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MARCH 18TH, 2019

Four teams have already traded out of the first round in the 2019 NFL Draft, the same number that did so in 2018. All four of the teams without a first round pick in 2018 (Texans, Chiefs, Eagles, Rams) made the playoffs and combined for a record of 45-19. Absent of a player selected among the first 32 picks did not inhibit the success of last year’s group of teams that traded out. What will the fate of this year’s teams be? The Browns, Cowboys, Bears and Saints aren’t currently slated to pick on Day 1 of the draft. Let’s examine what they do have instead and how the draft discussion has shifted.

Each prospect name mentioned is clickable to see their scouting reports

What the Cowboys Do Have: WR Amari Cooper

What the Cowboys Don’t Have: Pick No. 27

How the Draft Picture is Different: The Cooper trade was met with plenty of criticism but Jerry Jones got the last laugh. An NFC East Division Title and 725 Cooper receiving yards with six touchdowns in nine games later, the joke was on the doubters. Cooper now has three 1,000-yard receiving seasons among the first four of his career and is set to land a lucrative contract in the coming months. Dallas has its No. 1 receiver, which would have likely been the discussion for Dallas at No. 27 and probably much higher without Cooper being added.

With its first pick scheduled for No. 58 overall, Dallas has needs at safety, defensive tackle and tight end to consider. I don’t think the Cowboys can marry itself to one position, but taking the best player on the board at one of those slots makes sense.

Among safety prospects to consider, Deionte Thompson, Darnell Savage, Amani Hooker, Juan Thornhill and Taylor Rapp are options. At tight end, the value may not be present as I anticipate Noah Fant, TJ Hockenson and Irv Smith being long gone. Jace Sternberger and Kahale Warring are in the next tier of tight ends, but that isn’t likely to be the best value for them. At defensive tackle, Dexter Lawrence, Renell Wren and Khalen Saunders have the most appeal in that area of the draft. Overall, Dallas will have plenty of options at positions of need.



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There is supposedly a DL they are willing to trade up for, this might be the guy.
If they are going to trade up for a DL I want them to go after DT Dexter Lawrence from Clemson. The guy is an absolute beast. I know they don’t really like drafting big DT’s early but this guy is special. At 350 he’s agile and good enough to play the 1 or 3 tech. He would immediately command a double team and make that entire DL better. And with a DL if DLaw, Collins, Dexter Lawrence, and Quinn that would allow LVE and Jaylon to just fly to the ball.



Dont be surprised if they trade up for him. Jerry flew in for his pro day and they are rumored to love a certain DE. Probably the next Shante Carver or Kavika Pittman but hey Jerry got some face time out of it.
I really don't know much about the kid, but sometimes people fall in love with workout numbers and ignore actual game play. People freaked out in 2003 over Terrell Suggs supposedly mediocre pro-day. We ended up taking Terrance Newman, who was a good player, but we ignored Suggs dominating game play and probably put too much weight on his reported 4.8 or 4.9 40 time.

Newman will go down as a quality NFL player, Suggs is probably headed to the HoF

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