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Ok, question one answered: they paid him. On to question two: will they be able tl keep the pieces around him necessary for his success?


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what does this mean? Are they saying thats the cap hit in year 1?

Not sure yet. It doesn’t sound like it, nor could it be this years cap hit. We currently don’t even have enough to pay him what it would cost to tag him again.

So I’m assuming some big moves will be coming soon to free up some space.


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But I guess if you give Romo 100 million dollars with a broken back, I shouldn't be too surprised. I was heartbroken the kid broke his leg last year and felt sick to my stomach. Good for him, bad for the Cowboys.
What I've always said about Romo applies equally here. "He's done very well for himself."


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Time to look at underperforming clowns and either look to restructure or cut. Possibly make a few trades to acquire some vets that are disgruntled with the situation they have now ( only if it will benefit our cap space ) . We need to make an impact on either the draft or trade market and stop sitting on our hands . Enough is enough ... this franchise needs to be great again !!!!! But I have zero hope with 2 dopes running it ...aka tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber 🤷🏼‍♂️


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Good breakdown of the contract.



Because when you get paid, you get better, like Ezekiel Elliott did after he got paid. :picardfacepalm

Let everyone walk then. Lets go with a roster of rookies, street free agents and cast offs nobody else wanted from elsewhere.

While we are at it, lets stop scouting players for the draft too because if they are right and the player is good, we'll have to pay them and that's counter productive.


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Because Jeruh

That’s why

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