No one has posted in this god damned thing for two months and Jerry isn't even sick. for the love of god unstick this dumb ass thread.


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No one has posted in this god damned thing for two months and Jerry isn't even sick. for the love of god unstick this dumb ass thread.
The only reason it is stuck is to make it easy to find when the time does come for the old drunk to finally start croaking on us. It doesn't hurt anyone.

That's the only reason for threads to be stuck to the top, to make them easy for everyone to find. It doesn't mean the threads are significant for any other reason.


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No one looks for this dumbass thread. Doesn't need to be easy to find.
When someone sees a pic or video of Jerr where he looks like warmed over death, they might remember this and where to post it. Sharing with all of us. Orrrrr, much more importantly - when the piece of shit actually fucking DIES then this thread in his fucking honor will be easy to locate for the celebration.

What, you love Jerry and don't want him to croak?


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It's going to funny as hell to be able to look back at this thread and realize we all have been wishing his untimely death for over 20 years!

And damn you for getting me all excited when I saw that there was a new post on this thread


I posted this several weeks ago after seeing him and hearing him on TV.

He looks really bad, like sick bad. he sounds bad. I wonder if all the liquor has finally done his liver in and if his body is just breaking down.
That or the underage girls he chases around LOL

Seriously.. when he dies there will be parties all over.


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I used to joke that this organization is doomed as long that egofuck of an owner is alive or isn't sipping his meals through a straw but now I truly want this to happen
Reading everyone's posts about his unsatiable appetite for his own ego has made me now want this to happen and I'm like most people and never want bad things to happen to anyone
Listening to this assfuck drivel on about nothing on every show he can get on makes we scream at the tv and give him the big ole fucken bird!!!!!
This realization has brought some serenity and calm to my life
I love my Cowboys and will continue to follow and watch them but for the next however many Christmas it takes, all I want is Jerrah's demise or lapse into a full blown, never to wake up coma



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Damn you Nick!

I saw that there was a new post in this thread and had a half a second of excitement thinking it was finally the news we’ve all been waiting for

That he kicked the bucket taking a shit on his golden throne right before the game started!

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