The 2019 Cowboys Off-Season Thread


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Jerry isnt going anywhere till he's buried so our only hope is to get a coach that can succeed after Jerry wakes up about Red. Im holding out hope for reality to smack Jerry in the face.
I think its pretty safe to conclude he doesnt care about reality, he cares about his comfort and limelight, get in the way of that and you'll be shown the door


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I find it strange that in Jerry’s life he always wants and buys the best of everything like Jerry World, his new yacht, and so on...

Why does that same thinking NOT extend to his head coach? He can afford to lure the best of the best here. You can throw enough money at a good coach to make them overlook Jeruh’s medaling hands being in everything

But here we sit, with Garrett who got out coached and lost his second divisional round game to a 2nd year coach who won his own division both years he’s been HC. McVay has already surpassed Garrett’s ceiling as a head coach and could very well end up in the Super Bowl in year two
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Scot--- you know why. This is the best we can get as a head coach while Jerry calls the shots. Its a balancing act for Jerry.

He wants the best coach he can get that will work under Jerry's rules of running the franchise. So, this is about the best we can get. Sad as it is.


Matt Mosley was on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, says he is sure Linehan is gone and Garrett only said what he did on the radio to basically be a nice guy or something.


I'd think Cooper is going to want his contract re-worked. It should be an interesting off-season.
I think we've seen enough of him to know what he can do, he's only 24 and a long term deal actually opens up cap space for us. It makes sense to extend him for sure.


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So that's that Mr. Doomsday............................



We are definitely in great shape at WR. I am also excited to see what Cedric Wilson can do next year.



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If it wasn’t for Garrett coming back it would be pretty easy to get excited about the team next season.

Garrett is our stumbling block to success. He’s proven it repeatedly

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