The 2019 Cowboys Off-Season Thread


Everything on tv so far today has been how the Cowboys were outcoached. The entire world knows it and Jerry is the only one in denial.


is it bad if your starting SAFETY leads your team in missed tackles ?

asking for a franchise

Heath is a nice player to have on your roster, but it should be as a backup and spot starter if someone gets hurt, not as an every down player.


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FA class at safety has a lot to choose from at the top this year, ,, so why not be a buyer in 1 of the cheapest position markets in the league ??

cowboys have their tendency to limit spending in the FA dept and sift thru the waiver wire turd market

heaths ok but heath aint it. heath never was it. heath will never be it.

spend at least SOME money on defense this offseason at S and DT


Jerry isnt going anywhere till he's buried so our only hope is to get a coach that can succeed after Jerry wakes up about Red. Im holding out hope for reality to smack Jerry in the face.


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Red Plague announced this morning on the radio that he expected Scott Linehan to return as offensive coordinator.

It's just fucking sickening.
Well, we have won the East 3 out of 5 years he's been here you ungrateful fuck.......


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Lawrence and Ladouceur are the only ones on that list that matter. The rest we don't need or need upgrading anyway.
For once I completely agree! Those are the only two that I really want back.

The rest can hit the bricks

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