Was gone for awhile, just busy with work and life stuff, plus I just am not all that into the pro sports (for that matter even college football) anymore.

What did I miss on here? I was pleased to see we still exist, did we expand our membership any? Are we up to more than 5 active posters? Any new trolls I should be aware of?


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You missed nothing. The fan base continues to be desensitized to the team, Jerry and his spawn. Years past, we'd be all over tonight's game. Now I'm not sure I'll even watch.


I only come to this section of the forum. I could not care less about the Cowboys or any sport for that matter. Fuck them all. They ruined them all with fucking politics.


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I quit stuffing M&M's from the break room in my pocket (I bring a bag now). Other than that, no, everything's mostly the same...
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