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If "fan appeasement" were part of this decision making process, Garrett would have been gone after the 3rd straight 8-8 season and 3rd straight loss in win or go home game.
Yep beacuse he's right and we're wrong. Always.

Anyone who says Jerruh ever tried to appease the fan base is simply an ignorant idiot.

"Did you like three super bowls?"


I despise the gullible Metroplex fans. They eat up any and all slop Jerry throws in the trough. The only thing Jerry understands is empty seats you stupid fucks.


Some of the connecting the dots around Lincoln Riley today is no doubt partly credited to the news that Brock Vandagriff abruptly decommitted late this week. The kid is from Georgia and said he only chose OU because he wanted to play in Lincoln Riley's system.

Riley commented afterward that this was just a coincidence, and had nothing to do with him about to leave OU.


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Well jeruh wouldn’t want those pesky playoffs to interfere with his very own personal news cycle

I expect the HC announcement to come out close to the Super Bowl. Probably in the week leading up to it. Jeruh loves himself some free publicity! And he would love nothing more than to hijack the entire Super Bowl week media blast and have everyone taking about the new HC of the Cowboys instead of the big game on Sunday


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NBC reported it at halftime too, and couldn't help but add, "Announced in the slot the team would have been playing in, had they won the NFC East."
You have to believe the egomaniacal fuck that is Jerry Jones planned it this way...and then the Egirls lose and Wentz is out again...what a GLORIOUS fucken day!!!


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Its a combination of the following to varying degrees:

I dont trust college coaches to translate into the pros that have a HUGE recruiting advantage like OU does

OU's wins are inflated in value due to how weak the Big 12 conference is

When he's gone against the best teams, he's gotten smoked

He strikes me as too inexperienced for the job (only head coached 3 years) and that experience is limited to one side of the ball (I understand you can get a coach who has focused on offense/defense or special teams but I like one who has some experience over his career with all 3).

Having said this, if I'm being honest, I dont really know what the fuck I'm talking about when it comes to who the best HC candidates are out there. My analysis is at a surface level at best largely made up of stuff I'm regurgitating from elsewhere or simple observations like the above that any schmuck could make
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