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Pro Bowler
So Minneapolis is crying all summer long to defund the police, they try to get an initiative on the ballot to flat out disband the police altogether. Then they get their wish and get approval to defund the police and remove $8mil from the budget.

Now these mutherfuckers are crying that they need more Police and the city approved $6.4million to hire more Police?

Naw, fuck that, you got what you wished for. Now you need to live with your choices. Fuck you! You get what your dumbasses deserve! You need to suffer through your leftist liberal BLM group think and take it on the chin. You reap what you sow!



Pro Bowler
The Los Angeles county school board has approved a measure to defund the police by $25 mil which will eliminate 133 police from the LA school system and leave only 211 officers to safeguard the 2nd largest school district (650,000 students) in the country

They plan to replace the officers with “climate coaches”

I sure hope those climate couches are good at soaking up bullets when the next school mass shooting takes place in LA County.

$25 mil will be diverted from the Police fund and added to $11.5 mil to create a $36.5 mil “Black student achievement plan” when only 8.7% of the student population in LA County are black. That makes total sense.

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