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in today's episode of "born a dumbass", check out the comments on this twitter post

people seem to think a movie director is being discriminatory for not allowing chairs on set. director citing that if chairs are available, people will sit on them

heres a genius super-brain thought:


yes its discriminatory against laziness

people dont understand how to accomplish a task and the strategies that keep productivity up

you can call him an asshole or a dickhead for not having chairs, but its not discriminatory

productivity...???? pffffff fuck that.

lets be motivated so when my boss makes more money, i make more money!! pffffff fuck that!!!

lets sit on our asses at work all day until the company goes bankrupt because we arent getting anything done. then pffffffffff fuck those assholes for laying me off. theyre the worst company ever. now, lets go suck the titty of another company and do the same thing. PARASITES

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