Let the McCarthy era begin


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I know where you are coming from amigo and I know it's early, but you have to like the fact that everything about the football team (hired coaches, systems, who is doing what) is coming from the head coach's mouth instead of drunken GM
yes sir & I agree and believe it or not, I'm a even little optimistic (and would be moreso but I'm still shell-shocked from the last 25 years)

Its really nice to know/feel like we have a highly motivated, experienced and competent group of coaches and I'm curious (& maybe a wee bit excited) to see how this goes

I'd feel really good if they had the stones to franchise Dak


Hopefully MM can learn the youngin sumthin and improve his play calling.
Even if Moore is calling the particular plays, is it possible that MM can tell him during a game "Let's run it here" or "Let's do some play-action"? I don't think Red even did that.


Even if Moore is calling the particular plays, is it possible that MM can tell him during a game "Let's run it here" or "Let's do some play-action"? I don't think Red even did that.
Anything is possible at this point. Anything said right now is about as guaranteed as a weather forecast...


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I doubt he is being mandated to get to a NFC Championship or else in his first year. There's almost no way in hell he'd get fired after one yr, if you'd like to bet on it let me know.

And they did reach out to Urban Meyer (who was also the guy I wanted for the job) but it's apparent Meyer didn't want to do it.
I'm good with McCarthy then if Meyer was out and agreed can't see any mandates being made though the stakes are technically always high in Dallas...


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The good news is I was never optimistic after the McCarthy hiring. The bad news is Helen is still involved in the offense. Oh and for those of you that think Jerry at age 78 has another HC hire left in him after the shit sandwich we got fed the last decade I think you are dreaming. However long Jerry has is how long McCarthy has unless he has a couple 5 and 11 seasons. Hoping for a miracle but expecting wild card playoff exits
Listen lets just let this play out and see what happens.
Garrett is out which is plus regardless and though I felt Meyer would have someone that brought more of a wow factor McCarthy so far seems to check a lot of boxes for what we are looking to do.
I didn't want a retread but so be it but I think we got the best retread with some pedigree to his name.
I do agree that this hire smells of win now due to his NFL experience but this is where Jerry may have been short sighted as it guarantees nothing as far as success is concerned.
I think Meyer would have loved the chance to succeed in the NFL after all his stints in college and to boot you could it with the Dallas Cowboys.
I am excited to see the product he puts on the field and not sure Moore still being there changes that. He's shown the propensity to take over those play calling duties if it ain't working and I don't think the leash will be long if things go south early.


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Just saw a thread on the zone and I quote "Green Bay SB win will make the McCarthy's resume slightly irrelevant. He has to go minimum 11-5 NFC East champs and playoff run to the NFC championship game, otherwise he should be replaced by Kellen Moore the following season. Jerry has plenty of money to bite the bullet."...you really can't make this shit up


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I found this to be hilarious . As much a love written , it’s time to get Blake Jarwin going here or draft a good blocking tight end . I’m sure McCarthy has an idea about good tight ends , he had a plethora of them when he coached Green Bay.
Could not agree with you more.
I thought Witten held Jarwin back but in a true West Coast the TE plays a monster role.
I liken Jarwin to Kelce just based on his size and running after the catch ability and I want to see what MM can do with this guy

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