that's pretty ironic bobbair, seeing as you can't help yourself from throwing your lame "jokes" in a thread about a fantasy baseball league in which you don't participate.
Wish I could... I have the same problem.

FYI for those of you who haven't been to the league page in a few days. The All-Star break is the first 4 days of next week. That means this current slate of matchups going on will last two full weeks. Essentially, the matchup will include the first series after the All Star Game. The stats from the ASG won't count obviously, but your pitching rotations will likely be affected. The minimum innings requirements won't change.
I need an OF guy and I am willing to give up any of my pitchers. Anyone interested? I need a serious bat.
Don't need to trade just look at who is available. Lot of above average OF's available.

Throw a bone at Soriano. He has like 7 hr and 16 RBI in the last 10 games or so. Quietly having a very good year.
Josh Hamilton has been a fantasy slug but he is too good a hitter to stay down and he is slowly showing signs of breaking out.
Michael Brantley of the Indians is a quiet sleeper.


Draft Pick
I have never really read this thread nor have I played fantasy baseball for years but who was smart enough to snatch up Puig?


Mid...You are doing fine. Even without loging in, you are kicking my ass this week. I think all my pitchers were drinking heavy before they took the mound. As far as offense, I have none.

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