Pep. I almost had you. It was a good fight all week. I forgot to move Colon to a starting position after I picked him up. It cost me big time. I was flying and scrambling to get him in but all my starters games were already in progress. Good luck next week.
I'm gonna blame this on Don Mattingly if I lose. He's giving Hanley Ramirez all this rest before the playoffs. Last week the word was Ramirez was getting two days off, so I benched him. Mattingly starts Ramirez and he hits 2 HRs. Then I put him back in and Mattingly rests him. So frustrating. Was lucky to squeak out the win vs. Jbond.
Whatever happens today dbair, this has been a hell of a week. Both of us have been up in this game. Every stat but HR, SB, and W is up for grabs. Anyone's game.
All the games that matter are over. Dbair wins 6-5.

Runs, RBI and Strikeouts were all a difference of one.

BA was within .013, OPS was .006 difference

WHIP was within .04, ERA was .24

I've never seen a game that close before across the board. Congrats Dbair.
Congrats Dbair.

Finishing 1st in league play during the regular season is the kiss of death for me. Never have won a league when that has happened.

A .142 avg for a whole week in the playoffs is absurd.

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