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Drew Pearson cheated!ᵀᴹ
Making a mix file for my bartending gig, and I'm digging for some country rock tunes that don't show up on the usual lists.

Examples of what I have so far...

Faraway Eyes - Rolling Stones
Heartache Tonight - Eagles
Curtis Lowe - Skynyrd
Hot Dog - Led Zeppelin
Copperhead Road - Steve Earle
Ghost Riders - Outlaws
Ring of Fire - Social Distortion

Already Googled all the lists....Any of you country afficinados have any ideas on rock tunes that have that country twang to them?


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I grew up on the Eagles amongst others so any song of theirs is golden to me. A few others that come to mind...

Can't You See - Marshall Tucker Band
Long Time Gone - .38 Special
Cadillac Ranch - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Knee Deep - Zac Brown Band
Oh, Lonesome Me - Kentucky Headhunters
God Bless Saturday - Kid Rock

This Bud's 4U

Drew Pearson cheated!ᵀᴹ
'Cept for Simple Man ( hate it because it was overplayed to death at one bar where I worked) I'll check those out.

thx (y)


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.38 Special, Marshall Tucker Band, the Eagles, ZZ Top, Lynyard Skynyrd off the top of my head. I love Southern Rock.

And it says something when bands like LZ can be included on your list. Hot Dog was a good tune and I used to listen to them a lot in college. Classic Rock, classic tunes, classic bands. Today's music sucks.


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Doolin-Dalton - Eagles. In fact, the entire "Desperado" album. Outlaw Man, Bitter Creek, Certain Kind of Fool.... It was only their second album. Today it is regarded as one of the most significant albums of country-rock.

And as I told you over the phone this morning, it's not a country-rock collection without some Hank Jr. Particularly selections off his "Hank Live" album, like "My name is Bocephus," "Workin' for MCA," and particularly, "La Grange."

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