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The refs just had to insert themselves in OT. Every ticky tack call against the Cowboys while not throing a flag on an obvious PI against Lamb. I've seen this repeat itself over and over where the refs make themselves part of the game.


I expected this kind of faceplant to happen on Thanksgiving. Glad they got it out of their system. :rolleyes


Like to wish the Cowboy's good luck with the Vikings next week, they gonna need it... Dallas could very well be a 500 team a weak after ThanksGiving


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We had Snow Queen at 4, so I set the dvr before we left. Fortunately, a group text from one of my fantasy leagues leaked the score, so I don't have to waste my time building up the anger.


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Like to wish the Cowboy's good luck with the Vikings next week, they gonna need it... Dallas could very well be a 500 team a weak after ThanksGiving
I'm going to choose to hold onto hope. In large part because I've seen the Vikings play enough that even if I pick them to win heading into next Sunday there will be a part of me that will be positive that they'll flub it up.


What a fucking shitshow. I can't believe I let myself fall for this sham of a team again, but this is the fucking last time.

They played an injury ransacked team coming off 5 straight losses. That same team managed 57 TOTAL points in their previous 4 games. And we come to town, and make the Packers look like some offensive juggernaut that scores a season high 31 pts (first time this year they managed more than 27) and over 200 yds rushing. Aaron Rodgers was bumbling through his worst season ever, and posted an astronomically high 146.3 rating against us. (he wasnt close to that in ANY game this season). The secondary made a rookie WR that had looked like a mammoth bust all yr morph into Randy Moss in his prime. (4 catches, 107 yds and three tds). The team with the "dominant" pass rush in football managed two sacks and a total of two QB hits the entire game. They literally stopped maybe 3 running plays the entire game. I don't care to ever hear about Dan Quinn being some sort of genius coordinator or ideal HC anymore. This is two straight fucking GARBAGE DEFENSIVE EFFORTS in which they've given up 60 pts and nearly 500 yds of rushing, against two lousy fucking teams.

Offensively, it was the typical shit and sputter start that we are used to seeing now with Prescott. Two three and outs and a first quarter in which he threw one good pass. He threw two awful picks in the first half, incl one into the end zone into what looked like triple or quadruple coverage. He was lucky at least two others werent picked. He missed badly on a play where it appeared Lamb was wide open for an easy long TD. He threw balls into the ground. He stood there like a statue far too many times. At nearly the end of the first half, the team had amassed 100 total yards of offense against a team missing three of its top defenders, including their best DL and LB.

After finally righting the ship and appearing to put the game well into the winning circle by pushing what was once a 14-7 deficit into a 28-14 lead, the Cowboy offense went right back into suck dick mode in the 4th qtr, managing ONE (ONE) FUCKING FIRST DOWN the entire 4th qtr.

I don't need to hear about shitty reffing costing us this game either. I'm usually one of the first ones to call out garbage officiating, but this game should have never sniffed OT for the refs to fuck it up to begin with.

I HATE THIS FUCKING TEAM. They are mentally and physically soft. They can't take care of even the shittiest of opponents when they should. They embarrassed themselves on national TV yesterday and are back to being a laughingstock clusterfuck that they have almost always been for 27 years. I honestly couldn't care less if they win another game this year and I truly hope they DONT make the playoffs, because another first round clusterfuck loss is almost a 100% guaranteed lock regardless of who they play.





Parsons has got to be injured and they are keeping it under wraps

He has been ineffective and limping for the last 2.5 games.

I’m sure at some point we will hear that he has been injured for X number of weeks.

Just like they did with Zeke last season.
Yeah he had a terrible game. Complete non factor and he looked like a guy twice his age out there trying to move around.

The really bad thing for us is this was AFTER two weeks off. He's obviously messed up and in all liklihood whatever it is, isnt going to be 100% until after the season is done.


And the following game against Barkley and NYG, and the following game against Taylor and Colts, then against Etienne and Jags, then Philly again, then at Titans and Henry

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