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Aaron Jones is hobbled. Romeo Doubs is out. Allen Lazard hasn't been a hundred percent in weeks. Their defense, to be honest, bites. And Aaron Rodgers is not playing well. He's not playing well, and it's not going to get any better, because his high in the ass doesn't think he's a part of the problem. For once, I believe the Cowboys will take advantage of another team's disfunction. Cowboys 33 Packers 22.


I really want to say I don't see how this game will be close, but I know we can't always trust this team.

That said, I really don't see how this game will be that close. We will win comfortably I believe, 28-13


Dallas has one of the best defenses in football, a great special team unit, a very good run game, & an improving pass game w/the return of Dak. There is no game left on the schedule this season that this club should fear, including Wodgers & his Wackers!
Kinda went over your head there Amigo
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Its obviously a big if, but IF Tyron comes back 100% and can take over LT again, we can move other T Smith to G and an already pretty good OL could potentially become GREAT.

Sounds like they believe he might be ready the week after Thanksgivng vs Indy



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And sumbitch... Gol Dangit I can't do it. I can't pick GB. I really want to. My instincts tell me to. But my brain has impenetrable arguments against it. They just fucking suck way too much, to pick them over Dallas.

34-13 Cowboys.


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The Seahawks need to keep Brady from scoring here and figure out the run game at halftime or they're going to get buried...
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