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This dude was a major doofus.

Its really disappointing they wouldnt give him another year though. I was looking forward to a solid 3-14 or 4-13 season from them.

Yep...people keep taking these Patriot assistant coaches thinking they're getting a bit of Belichick and it never seems to work out. Judge wasn't even O or D coordinator, from what I've read. And it's their arrogance that gets them every time; he fired Colombo after he tried to "teach" OL technique and Colombo, who played as an NFL OL, took offense.

What comes around, goes around.


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The Raiders just fired Mike Mayock

I didn’t see that coming. But I guess he was a Gruden guy so it kinda makes sense.


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I just checked ticket prices for the Rams Cards game at SoFi going n right now. They have been going for under $100 for a playoff game

Even the cheapest Charger game vs any crappy team this season at SoFi has been almost double that price

I wonder why the Rams playoff game is so cheap tonight
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