A sampling of the Trolling the Nation:

Screw draft position and screw Dallas. Let's play to win!

(after Diggs pick)

Who needs a 3-and-out when we can just go 1-and-done

It’s really gonna suck seeing that Diggs dude in Dallas for the next 30 years.

(after first TD to Zeke) Looks like a beat down coming.

Y’all ready for a historic and embarrassing blowout?

(After TD to Schultz) Switching to Yellowstone. Done with season.

(After Lawrence pick 6) Goodnight......

What in the blue Hell is really going on.

I predict final score: 54 -10. (damn good guess!)

They are getting crushed faster than I can get drunk. They can’t even lose properly.

Jeez...it's still just the first quarter?

(Start of 2nd qtr) LOL. Collinsworth begging fans not to change the channel even though it's 21-0.

(After 2nd Zeke TD) The defense is in the same front play after play....easy to call against the same looks.

After 13 seasons Ron will have only 3 seasons over 500?

God hates Dallas but he hates us more.

Score here. Hold. Get ball back for second half…this is playing out perfectly.

Wow, teammates truly fighting on National TV.

Our team will be named the Armada, so …

Tonight it's the Titanic.

Armada is being torpedoed.


Sell the team, greasy hobbit!

(After TD to Steele) Why do we have coaches? This just looks like a bunch of idiots in a school yard.

So that is a TD by a DL and and OL tonight for Dallas. Rubbing our noses in it now!

People talking like we were unprepared. Impossible, we brought our benches.

(After Cooper TD) We have given up 6 touchdowns in a half? How does that happen?

(Halftime) Ron should quit at halftime.

Forfeit second half and tank Jerrah’s concession sales.

388 yards and 24 1st downs allowed...

Locker room cam please, show the fights.

It feels like this game should be almost over but there is still 10 minutes left in the third.

Did Dan Snyder buy the Steeler play book?

(After blocked punt TD) I am out.

You got to be ...I'm done, good night.

I'd rather spend a day in a small enclosed space with my own farts than continue to watch this.

(after Foreskins turnover on downs) There’s still a quarter to go…holy crap…honestly thought it was the 4th.

(Cooper Rush TD pass)

That is just demoralizing.

I’m a Chiefs fan and I’m embarrassed for you guys.

After the season Ron Rivera should be returned to Easter Island.

Dallas is bored

The factory of sadness...... See you next week.


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Byron Jones has 4 interceptions in his CAREER (107 games). For his entire career, he has 57 passes defensed.

Travon Diggs has 11 picks in 15 games this year, and has 21 passes defensed.


I haven't seen it confirmed yet but there's a post in CZ that says Cardinals passrusher Markus Golden (leads them in sacks with 11) was put on the Covid list last night and is likely out this weekend.


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The Jags has requested permission to interview Kellen Moore for their vacant HC position. Apparently this not the only request made.


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Scott, thanks for posting that. I'm one of those folks that believes coaches need to earn their stripes. Kellen Moore may be a good X's and O's OC but a HC needs to have the respect of the locker room and be viewed as a leader and he's just too green, IMO. If the Jags hire KM and he doesn't have some success with a #1 pick QB, the players will turn on him, as will the fans.

Dan Quinn was a college and pro assistant for almost 20 years working in a myriad of assistant roles before he became a HC. Same with Sean Payton who toiled for 18 years before taking the NO job. These guys gained valuable experience along the way. There is no substitute.


totally agree about coaching needing to be a step by step process as well. He's more innovative than Garrett was but I am not interested in a Clapper Part II sequel as the HC just yet. He needs a little more seasoning if ya ask me.
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