Malik Hooker and JaQuan Hardy were added to the Covid Reserve list

Hooker, yet ANOTHER player stating publicly there is nothing wrong with him, yet he probably wont be allowed to play.

There is absolutely ZERO reason asymptomatic players should be forced to sit out games. If the player is too sick or just doesnt feel comfortable playing, then fine, sit him. But if he wants to play, there is ZERO reason teams should have playoff spots (or potentially their playoff run) end because of a fucktard response to something 99.7% of people will get an easily recover from, like the common cold or flu.


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And this is why the fans from every other team hate us

We do it to ourselves and make ourselves look like idiots


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I just heard a stat that Greg the leg has missed 5 PAT’s and 5 FG’s so far this season.

That does not bode well going into the playoffs where needing him to make a kick could mean the difference of us winning the game and moving on or him missing and ending our season.


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A couple things of note

The Packers can’t stop the run

Chubbs is a beast

And I don’t want to see Aaron Rodgers in the playoffs. He has a bum foot. We have seen that movie before with the Dez catch game where Rodgers had one bum leg and we still couldn’t get it him to save our lives.
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