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I just saw the highlight again.

Dak sits up and you can see his ankle is twisted. He then slams his foot onto the turf to try to put it back in place.

I didn’t notice that it was dislocated like that when it happened. So it was not only a compound fracture but a dislocation.

Nasty stuff

God speed young man!

I noticed it immediately. The look on his face was terrible. That’s when Romo was saying “hopefully it’s just a cramp”.

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Not to move off the Dak injury , which was painful to watch since he’s been just about the only true performer on this team .
BUT , the Falcons have fired HC Dan Quinn . I think he would be an upgrade from Napping Nolan . What are all your thoughts ?

Maybe in the off season but definitely not during the season. They players look confused enough trying to learn Nolan’s system. If they brought in a new DC right now their defense would be even more confused and might actually get worse.

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It's sickening David. If he comes back I'd bet Jerry is going to sign him because Jerry gets attached to his players. If Dak hadn't lost all leverage before, he certainly has now but I'd bet Jerry is going to be more than generous.

That’s a very strong possibility.

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Hell of a fourth quarter, thought the Chargers had it there until the doink...
For once it's accurate to say you can see what's being built there. Total makeover and it's apparent tge new HC is solid. They play very good defense and that Herbert kid really shows greatness potential.


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And our record reflects that fact


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Holy crap, just got home in time to see the last two minutes of the game. Anyone who thought the time off would do the Titans bad was sorely mistaken, damn...
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