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I know the Giants are a crappy team right now but the Cowboys better not take this team lightly (which means they probably will). The Giants defense is better than their record shows. Their offense is crap but their defense isn’t bad. I would not be shocked if the Cowboys embarrassed themselves again on Sunday.

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Again you have a 1-3 team that’s defense is pure dogshit and prob would get embarrassed by some college offenses . On the other hand you have an 0-4 team who’s defense is not bad but the offense is horrendous . The offense on the Smurfs won’t look so bad because , we can’t stop a fuckin thing right now . I expect another head scratcher , however I think we will win this one but not cover the 9.5 point spread 🤣🤣🤣 ( laughing at 9.5 point faves ) .


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Allen Robinson is a beast. David Montgomery is starting to put it together. Chicago's quarterback play is 90 percent crap. I'm starting to think they should treat their qbs like pitchers. Start Trubisky the first 2 1/2 quarters, then bring in Foles for mop up. An improvement for everyone but fantasy owners.


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Looks like Tyron Smith may be done for the year. Obviously he cant be counted on going forward. Another huge hole to fill. They will be drafting top 10 if not top 5 but I was hoping for a Dlineman, now looks like we need a LT.


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I don’t know who the back ups are behind Barkley and I don’t care, but they are going to run for nearly 200 yards on us on Sunday
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