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I don't think the panic behind Covid-19 is based on the expansion of social media or the iPhone

I dont have the energy to try and address the complexities of what we're dealing with via the written word but in short I wasn't implying it was the sole reason for the possible over-reaction but I am 100% confident it is a significant factor that did not exist in 2008 to the level it does now and definitely didn't exist in any time prior to social media and phones in our pockets. There was a damn pandemic during Woodstock and I only recently heard about it having been well aware of Woodstock for decades.

"News" traveling around the world at rapid paces has freaked a lot of people out because if you hear about a murder 10,000 miles away, it feels like its right next door and many people react as if it actually was next door.

I'm starting to believe ignorance might actually be bliss

this sums up the the way things have changed in a simple and funny way and perhaps better than I ever could:



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