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Whoever lives in Dallas, did the football field for Dallas Cowboys got distroyed in tornado?
No... Cowboys Stadium is in fucking ARLINGTON. Not Dallas. The fucking tornadoes were hitting DURING THE GAME. The Cowboys have not played in Dallas since 1971. The tornadoes were nowhere near the stadium.


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on an entirely different note, regarding tonight's game, there are an awful lot of confident Jets fans in these parts.

doomsday: what say you?


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not sure which one of them is a bigger douche
I am going to go with the one who actually spent money to misspell Fuck and have Dallas printed on a Shegals jersey (though the other gets a runner up vote for just looking ridiculous!!).


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So the Cowboys beat down the Shegulls last night

Yay and shit

But I need someone to explain something to me

In games 1,2, and 3 we looked like world beaters. We were attacking downfield, and pretty much moving the ball at will.

Then in games 4, 5, and 6 we looked like the Cowboys of old. We looked like we were back to trying not to lose the game as opposed to attacking and trying to actually win the game.

Then last night in game 7 we looked to be back to our early season form and were attacking again, our defense finally showed up and we looked great for the most part.

So my question is WTF happened over the last 3 games? And don’t give me that “we finally played good teams” because we played and lost to the winless Dolphins.

Honestly the Cowboys looked like they are two entirely different coached teams between their losses and their wins. The team played different and the game plans were entirely different during our wins and losses. No consistency whatsoever. It’s like we didn’t even show up to play during our losses. In game 4 we completely stopped doing what was working really well for us in games 1-3.

On a side note Ian Rappaport just reported on the NFL network said that LVE has a stinger and that he actually wanted to go back in the game last night. He is not expected to miss any game time.

Same with Quinn. He injured a rib and is not expected to miss any game time.

The bye will give them both time to heal up
Sometimes I think they start to believe their own hype and when the chips are down, and no one gives them a shot, is when they rise
For whatever reason the Shegals are a get well team for us (same thing happened last year at 3-5 going to Philthy)
I'm never one to believe these players need motivation like Tank got but shit whatever it takes
I'm hoping that 3 game slide humbled the fuck out of them and since they won't be talked about for a few weeks they will come out against the Ginas strong (shit this is the Jets game all over again...they lost to the Cardinals for fucks sake)


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Hot damn, I never thought any team could surpass Landry's greatness, but Belichik & co have done it. They're smokin' the rest of the league and poised to go undefeated. I think the only team that can stop them is the Saints or catastrophic injury


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It just pisses me off.
Not that I think Booger MacFarlane is an expert on anything, except maybe the buffet choices at Golden Corral. But he and that other moron talking about what kind of team could beat NE pretty much described the Cowboys.
Still think the Denver model is the best way; keep the ball as much as possible and kick the shit out Brady every chance you get. We are capable of doing that.
But in my heart of hearts I know we won't, cause if we were to get ahead, Garrett would take his foot off the gas. If we get behind(more likely) they'll start hucking the ball around and New England's defensive stats will balloon.
If Garrett and Big Bill played chess, Bill could make one move and holler "checkmate" and Garrett would shit himself and faint.


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Garrett is playing checkers while Belichick is playing Chess!

The two coaches aren’t even playing the same fucking game!

The worst part is that Garrett doesn’t even realize it


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So my question is WTF happened over the last 3 games? And don’t give me that “we finally played good teams” because we played and lost to the winless Dolphins.
This is how I see it. And I'm looking at it in hindsight of course. In games 2 and 3 against the Redskins and Dolphins. If you recall those two teams played Dallas close for the first half. Hell, if not for a fumble Miami could have taken the lead after being down 10-0. Dallas would wake up for the second half and overcome those bum teams. The Saints game was just a disappointment, but again against the Packers and Jets it took Dallas a half to wake up.

Like I said, in hindsight there were hints to something like this happening.

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