So, let me spell out the symptoms of the Jason Carrot Cancer:

We haven't blocked a punt in forever. Why? because we don't work on it. We don't want the roughing penalties. Just let 'em punt it. Risk averse. Oh and when we really really need to block one? We don't know how, haven't really worked on it. So, we run into the kicker!

Punt returns - Just secure the ball. Don't take any chances trying to break one to the house. It's better just to make sure we secure the ball. Don't take the risk. When is the last time we had a punt return for a TD?

Blocking Field goals - when is the last time we blocked one? See above, same shit. Blocked extra point? Please. Too risky to try. Just hope he misses!

Sacks - as Troy pointed out tonight, we just don't get many. It's too risky! Better to just get "near" the guy and hope he screws up. (Hope is the actual fucking plan in all of this.)

Interceptions - as Troy pointed out tonight, we just don't get many, and for several years. More of the same shit. Just hope they drop it, or when they catch it Just make the tackle and hope they fumble. Our DBs can't catch the ball, because we don't work on it. It's too risky to go for picks. Don't turn around looking for the ball, just stay in position to make the tackle after he catches it. Be a professional spectator, not a defender.

Fumbles - Jason says, don't go for the strip, you might get called for a facemask. Just make the sure tackle. So, we don't really work earnestly on stripping the ball.

Kick Returns - just let it go if it's in the end zone at all. Not worth the risk of a fumble and stuff. Let's just take the ball on the 25 and don't bother using this as a chance to pop one. (I wonder why opponents don't purposely kick it short, landing it around the 5... Because hey, we don't work on fielding kickoffs anyway!)

You get the point. Everything is risk averse. Ginger wants to make the game sanitary like the fucking stadium. He coaches scared, and that makes his players, play scared. Tentative, unsure, hesitant, constantly quashing their better instincts. Rookies come in and use their instincts and make a big splash, that shit gets coached out of them real quick.

C'mon guys. You can load this roster with all the talent you want. But the results are going to be the same as long as we have this fucking metastasizing cancerous philosophy at the top. The Red Tumor. Players have come and gone, the results have been the same.

Wanna blame Dak? Shit, you fucks would be celebrating the numbers Dak put up today, were it Romo. What me worry Tony could throw FOUR picks - all of them bonehead not deflections, and if he almost came back to win or threw for 400 yards y'all would be crowing about how great he is. He never fucking was. He did all of the same shit we're seeing Dak do. Only difference is Dak doesn't throw the shit the bed game ending 4th quarter bonehead picks in the opponent end zone, or the 4th quarter game ending pick six. They were both victims of the same Red Cancer.
I would say, "Tony, I don't care what your stats say, the spheroid object must cross the goal line.


Practice Squad
I’m sorry , tony romo had no running back , no offensive line and the worst defense in the history of the NFL if you quite remember . Ohh yeah and 1 wideout in Dez . Other than that , he did it all by himself . If we have Romo the weapons Dak has , we would have already won a few more Super Bowls . Get this coach and QB we got outta here already .


High Plains Drifter
I’m sorry , tony romo had no running back , no offensive line and the worst defense in the history of the NFL if you quite remember
Silly Wabbit, this nonsense has been debunked more than the flat earth theory. And it's really tired old Romosexual fare. You don't remember the names Murray and Barber? Owens? Please.
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