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Now THIS is how things should be.

I've been screaming this for 25 years and why I believe a coaching change won't fix the underlying problem which is the jackass owner/gm who despises this type of work environment and is miserable when he has coaches that create this type of culture. Aikman knows this and its why he retired:

and they still do this:

having said, that I'm ready for the new lapdog, bring him on!


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I expect to see Cowboys players visibly confused at several points throughout the game

The Pats will outsmart, out-coach, outwit & out execute Dallas in what will likely be a blow out that will appear closer due to the Pats going into prevent in the last quarter or two. Should be something like 33-20 Pats when its all said and done.

Unless Garrett completely changes his MO and comes out gambling and aggressive and is successful with this atypical start but if it doesn't work, the rout might be ignited earlier

If the weather makes the field a mess and its raining, it could turn into a lower scoring affair I still expect the Pats to dominate but with a lower score, like 20-3

I just cant see any scenario where Dallas's approach to the game can compete with the Pats
played out as expected and while I didn't mention it, it was implicit that I expected the coaches to display confusion as well

I just honestly didn't foresee a punt & special teams causing so much confusion to both players and coaches

just shows why Belichick is incredible, no one has a deeper well of knowledge & experience coupled with a cut throat, relentless drive that doesn't appear to be slowing up one bit

the best we can hope for is his retirement, I can't see how anyone can surpass him or even come close to equalizing his expertise which is why you cannot expect to win with the conservative bullshit Garrett trotted out yesterday, he should have put the petal to the fucking metal and planned to go for it on every 4th down inside their 40 yard line all day long so they could plan the play calling on 2nd & 3rd down with this knowledge in mind. It may not have worked, it might have even blown up in their faces spectacularly but at least you'd go down swinging and give your team a chance

As Jimmy said:

"Hey, you know, when you ever you go after a big gorilla, you don’t EVER hit him lightly, you hit him with everything you’ve got!"


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I can not fathom our Special Teams coach was allowed to board the plane after the game. I would have sent him on the Greyhound back to Dallas.


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I fully expect Garrett to pull a rabbit out of his ass this upcoming Bills game. He always seems to find a way to win when the pressure on him builds.

I hope we lose in horrible fashion on Thanksgiving in front of millions watching just so the pressure keeps building on Garrett

There is zero reason to hope for a win and a playoff run. It doesn’t matter if we make it to the post season. We will LOSE because we will be outmatched in coaching

Any team that will make the post season will do so with a coach that will easily out coach Garrett

We stand zero chance at winning a super bowl with Garrett at the helm. Our only hope is that he gets replaced in time for the next coach to take advantage of this current roster.


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That is the reality of this team right now. A team with good players but no coach to direct them to success. it is disheartening that a lot of us are still discussing Garrett's coaching 10 years later because nothing has changed. You are correct in that he will be outclassed and outcoached if this team reaches the postseason. Our fan base deserves so much more.

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While Cooper was shut out, Gilmore had an interception before the day was out.

“It was fun,” Gilmore said in comments to reporters after the game. “I was just trying to get my hands on him every snap.”

Head coach Bill Belichick called it “another great effort” by Gilmore

Sal Monella

Man among boys
The game received a 19.5 overnight rating and a 40 share nationally. That’s tied for the highest rating for any regular-season NFL game on any network since 2007. It tied for the most-watched Fox broadcast since 1996.


Anywhere on the line.
Probably more than half the audience was hate watching for one of these teams or the other, maybe both.


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Meanwhile 19.5 million people watched us shit the bed. Gonna be a bigger audience vs the Bills Thursday.
We can only hope we go down in glorious flames on a bad coaching call on national TV, on Thanksgiving in front of millions

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