High Plains Drifter
Internetking has a doppler radar on his roof.
He seems to think this thread is "internetking posts the national weather map" and not his local weather.

It's Weather WHERE YOU ARE not nationally, not fucking China, not the fucking South Pole.


We are finally back to normal temperatures for this time of year in Southeast Texas. Last week sucked. I had to get my 17,000 daily steps walking around inside my house. That is some boring shit making laps inside of a house although I did get all me steps every single day. Normally I go to the mall when the weather is bad but the malls were closed due to the weather. I truly enjoyed walking outside this past weekend.


Snow at work tonight.
Damn gas is already $3.15 per gallon there? That sucks. I paid $2.29 this morning on the way to work. Of course I live where a lot of the gas for the country is made along the Gulf coast. Gas is likely to get very expensive in the coming weeks. None of the refineries along the Gulf coast were set up to handle the temperatures in the teens last week. There was a LOT of damage to the plants which most if not all of them are still down trying to make repairs. I work in the industry. The plant I work at will be down another week minimum maybe longer.
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